@steviemackey: She just made my day!! The voice of an angel! @selenagomez 😍😜

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Title: West Coast
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Played: 6706 times

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"We decided we’re gonna go to this big football game and we’re gonna fit in! We went and we got all this Notre Dame gear. So we’re wearing like the Notre Dame jacket and Notre Dame visor. As we were walking around, masses of people ended up following us and yes they had to call security but it’s all we have that’s close to a normal college experience." - Taylor Swift

"And that’s why I love her. That’s probably why she’s one of my best friends, because she takes me away from all of it." - Selena Gomez

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your tumblr is one of those things that you want everyone to see but at the same time you never want to show it to anyone

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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